Rebecca Bostock

校長 / 教學總監

Welcome to JinStar International Online Education. My name is Rebecca Bostock and I am the Head Teacher and Director of Education for JinStar International Online Education. 

大家好! 歡迎加入今之星國際課程在線,我是校長兼教學總監,Rebecca Bostock。


JinStar International Online Education group was established in April 2013 in London. JinStar has a simple philosophy to become the best international online school. JinStar only works with teachers qualified British schools. Our curriculum is bench-marked to the English National Curriculum, and our lessons and courses are created by highly qualified teachers who have experience of teaching in British schools.



JinStar teaches students between the ages of 3 – 18. Our courses are based on the English National Curriculum. Our courses are educational and enjoyable. We are passionate that our students learn, and that they also have an enjoyable experience learning with JinStar. Our teaching practice is ‘student led’. Our teachers work with their students to get an understanding of specific topics the student wants support with. Our teachers are adaptable and are always happy to support with school homework projects.



JinStar teaches English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, French, Spanish, Economics and Business Studies up to A-Level. We have courses in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and we can support student in their preparation for entrance examinations and interviews at International and British Boarding Schools.

我們向學生提供的學習科目包括:英語、數學、化學、生物、物理、歷史、地理、法語、西班牙語、經濟學和商業研究。所有課程,涵蓋從小學階段到A-Level(高中階段)所有年級的教學內容。 除此以外,我們還提供文本推理與邏輯推理課程,幫助學生準備報考國際學?;蛴就了叫5娜雽W考試和面試。


Due to our extensive database of teachers, we can offer additional classes in almost any subject. If you do not see the subject you would like to be taught, please contact us. Our courses are flexible. we can teach one topic, for example, algebra; or we can teach the entire Year 7 Mathematics syllabus.

由于今之星在英國擁有廣泛的專業教師資源,我們有能力提供任何學科的學術教學課程。如果您沒有看到希望被教授的科目,請和我們聯系。我們的課程具有很高的靈活性,授課教師既可以教授單一的學科主題(例如:代數),也可以教授整個7年級(Year 7)數學大綱規定的課程內容。


We bring together the best of the East and the West. Our online teaching platform with web camera functionality enables our qualified teachers to teach your children directly at your home. Your child will receive an excellent British education in their chosen subject without having to travel to England.


Our company is very forward thinking; we have created an education platform that enables students to be taught using excellent resources. The teaching books we use are available to all students to have a copy off. If you want your child to obtain the best results in their education, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can support you.


Rebecca Bostock


Head Teacher and Director of Education