About JinStar

JinStar only works with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) or PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) qualified teachers who are qualified to teach in the UK, and all teaching content is in accordance with the requirements of the English National Curriculum. The syllabus is based on the International examinations for Cambridge and Oxford AQA. All our courses build on student knowledge to ensure students gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.


In addition, JinStar is the designated testing center of Oxford AQA, Trinity College London and CRELLA accredited. We provide students with a variety of internationally accredited assessment systems, including IGCSE, A-LEVEL, IPQ Project, the PASSWORD English language assessment system for identifying language and academic ability, and the COA Cambridge career assessment system for helping students with courses and major choices.

此外,今之星是牛津AQA考試局(Oxford AQA)和英國倫敦圣三一學院(Trinity College London)雙重認證指定的考試中心;同時,今之星還獲得了CRELLA(英語語言學習和評估研究中心)的資質認證。我們可以為學生提供具有國際認證資質的各項考試與測評,其中包括:IGCSE學術考試、A-LEVEL學術考試,IPQ國際學術文憑、用于鑒定語言及學術能力的PASSWORD英語語言能力測評,以及用于幫助學生進行課程及專業選擇的COA劍橋職業評估。


About JinStar Online Education

Our ethos is simple – we teach our students the same lesson content as would be taught in a British school – this means that students are getting a ‘British Education’. All lessons we teach meet the criteria of the English National Curriculum. All our English teachers are native English speakers. JinStar Online Education achieves excellent results, due to the high quality of teaching and resources we use in class. This has enabled students to successfully gain entry to some of the top international schools in the UK. Learning with JinStar Education will ensure your child has access to excellent teaching and resources and you will see a great improvement in their academic achievements.


About Quality of the Teacher

We only recruit teachers from across the United Kingdom who have the certificate of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in the UK, experience of teaching in a British independent school and excellent subject knowledge. The teachers are trained on how to teach online and how to teach the ‘JinStar’ way. This means that every lesson will be delivered to the highest quality of teaching.

我們只聘用來自英國本土學校的專業學科老師。今之星的教師們全部擁有由英國政府頒發的合格教師資格證書(QTS & PGCE),并擁有豐富的教學經驗和深厚的學術背景。 所有教師均統一接受過在線教學的相關培訓,這意味著每一節課,今之星都將為學生提供最高質量的教學。