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    Xiangya Hospital has been a teaching hospital of Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University (XYSM-CSU) for over a hundred years, and is renowned for its rigorous scholarship. The Department of Educational Administration at Xiangya Hospital serves as a managerial facility under the leadership of the hospital president and vice president of education. The department is mainly responsible for clinical education, pedagogy research, curriculum management and student administration. The hospital has built a clinical training center (1st Clinical Skill Training Center of CSU) for simulation purposes. Under the management of our department, the center features 3,500 square meters and over 100 simulation projects.

    Currently, there are 28 departments of different specialties in the hospital, e.g.: internal medicine, surgery, OBGYN, pediatrics and infectious diseases, etc. covering over 1,000 students majoring in clinical medicine, anesthesiology, stomatology, etc. The program of the students varies from 5-year, 7-year, 8-year to foreign medical exchanges. Together we strike 2,000 hours for theoretical teaching and 10,000 for observership teaching.

    Moreover, 24 courses have been set up in the hospital, and 5 of them are rated as national excellent courses including Diagnostics, Clinical Anesthesiology, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, and Otolaryngology, the first 4 of which have their teaching resources shared online; 1 is an online public course (Clinical Anesthesiology), 1 has been rated as provincial excellent course (Surgery), and 10 have been rated as university-level excellent courses. Outstanding faculty contribute to the medical education here. There is 1 national excellent teaching team of Internal Medicine, 1 national excellent teacher (Fan Xuegong), 5 university-level excellent teachers. More than 60% of all the clinical teachers possess senior professor tittles, and more than 70% of all the teachers have doctorate degrees. In 2012, our students participate in the 3rd National Clinical Skills Competition and got the top special prize. In 2014, we successfully sponsored and organized the 4th National Clinical Skills Competition.

    Innovation and reform have always been a focus of Xiangya Hospital. 8-year program of clinical medicine has been a feature of our medical education reform since 2012. Programs from outstanding medical schools across the globe like Yale University were studied, so that we form our own program to cultivate leading physicians and scientists in the world. Theoretical teaching, observership and internship are largely integrated. The teaching mode has been implemented for 2 years and has received positive feedbacks.

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