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    Metabolic endocrinology department of Xiangya hospital affiliated to Central South University (CSU) is a national key discipline, postgraduate’s degree authorization institution together with second Xiangya hospital, third Xiangya hospital and Xiangya medical college. In 1982, the department was established by Professor Yu Wuyun and Professor Han Xiuyun. It was developed in leading attention and care at all levels, and every medical staff efforts. Up to now, in the metabolic endocrinology department, there are 15 in-service doctors (13 doctors are MDs) including 4 professors, 5 associate professors, 3 attending doctors and 3 resident doctors; 2 associate chief technicians and 20 nurses( 2 of the nurses have master’s degree, 10 of them have bachelor’s degree and 8 of them have college degree). Six medical staffs have been to America for further study and came back, one nurse has acquired the certificate of international enterostomal therapist/wound therapist who specialized in dealing with the wound of diabetic feet and consultation of difficult wounds over the whole hospital. 2 diabetes specialized education nurses and 1 Diabetes sports therapist have been trained.
    Director:Xianghang Luo
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