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    Department of Infectious Diseases at Xiangya Hospital was established in 1954 by Dr. Zhang Zhen and Xiong Hong’en. The department has made great contribution to the prevention, control and research of infectious diseases, and has also trained a large number of experts, including Zhang Zhen, Hu Guoling, Ouyang Ke, Fan Xuegong and Tan Deming, with rich clinical experience. This discipline was approved in 1981 for graduate education and degree awarding and in 1986 for doctoral training and degree programs. After nearly 60 years of development, the department of Infectious Diseases of Xiangya Hospital has become a key center for diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases and infectious diseases in Hunan province. We were approved to be a National Clinical Key Specialty construction project of Ministry of Health in 2013. The department is a standing committee of Chinese Society of Infectious Diseases and Chinese Society of Hepatology, and also a member of Chinese Artificial Liver Group. It is appointed to be the chairman of Society of Infectious Diseases and the vice-chairman of Society of Hepatology in Hunan Province. In addition, the department, which has great influence over domestic counterparts, is affiliated to the Center for Viral Hepatitis Control and Prevention of Hunan and also attached to the Key Laboratory of Viral Hepatitis of Hunan Province.
    Director:Huang Yan
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