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    The Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine / Integrative Chinese Medicine (ICM) at Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, was established by Professors Wen Yaofan, Li Xinqun, Jin Yiqiang, and Chen Guolin in 1961. They were the first generation of western medicine doctors learning Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Through 60 years' development, the department has become the first doctoral degree authorization point for ICM, the first ICM postdoctoral research center, the first-class key discipline in Hunan province, the key discipline of the State Administrative Bureau of TCM, the key laboratory of the State Administrative Bureau for the essence of Zang-Xiang theory, the key clinical specialized discipline (cerebral diseases of TCM) of the Ministry of Health, the key specialized discipline for cerebral diseases of the State Administrative Bureau of TCM, and the Hunan Key Laboratory of Ganzangxiang of traditional Chinese medicine. It has trained 3 post-doctors, 56 Ph.D. students, and 136 postgraduate students and is one of the most prestigious training base for the clinical application and research of ICM.
    Director:Tang Tao
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