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    Established in 1953, the Neurosurgery Department of XiangYa Hospital was one of the earliest neurosurgery departments in China. As a teaching hospital, the department was certificated as the training unit of postgraduate and doctoral education by the State Council in 1978 and 1985, respectively. Besides, in 1978, we were recognized as the training base of national refresher neurosurgeons. In 2002, we were evaluated as Provincial Key Discipline. In 2006, we were identified as one of the first national neurosurgical specialists training base. In 2011, we were evaluated as the State Key Discipline by the Ministry of Public Health and we ranked 5th in the evaluation of National Clinical Department with the Best Reputation. Since 1974, cooperated with the Department of Neurology in our hospital, we have jointly published Foreign Medical Science (Section on Neurology & Neurosurgery). And since 1995, we have published Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology-Skull Base Surgery (CJOSS) together with ENT department. It is also worth mentioning that several institutes or associations are affiliated to our department, those are:
    Director:Zhixiong Liu
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