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    The Department of Nutritiology of Xiangya Hospital Central South University began in 1984 and officially established in 1987. It is one of the earliest nutritiology department in China with over 30 years history. The Department of Nutritiology is subordinate to the medical technical department, and is responsible for the nutritional treatment of patients in hospital, including nutritional risk screening, nutritional evaluation, therapeutic diet, enteral nutrition treatment, parenteral nutrition treatment, nutrition education, etc. The Department of Nutritiology undertakes the teaching task of clinical nutrition, and has trained a large number of clinical nutrition personnel for our province and other provinces, which is the training base and growth cradle of clinical nutrition personnel in China. At present, the staff includes 7 doctors and 7 nutritionists, with a total of 14 (4 PhD, 3 PhD candidate and 3 Master), and it is the Department of Nutritiology with the largest number of personnel and the strongest strength in Hunan hospital.
    Director:Liu Juying
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