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    Central South University is one of China’s "211" and "985" key universities operating under the Ministry of Education. Xiangya Hospital of Central South University was founded in 1906. Its Ophthalmology Department was established by Yale University and the Hunan provincial government in 1940, which were among the first to introduce western ophthalmology into China. Xiangya Hospital Department of Ophthalmology assisted Xiangya Second Hospital and Xiangya Third Hospital to establish their own Ophthalmology departments in 1958 and 1992 respectively. With generations of arduous efforts, Xiangya Hospital Department of Ophthalmology has achieved remarkable success in ophthalmology medical science. Previous directors of the department include Professor Zhang Junjie, Gao Meizhen, Liu Jiuchun, Wang Chengye, Huang Peigang and Liu Shuangzhen, who made outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the department. Professor Xia Xiaobo currently serves as the director of Xiangya Hospital Ophthalmology Department. Professor Xiang Qian and Xu Huizhuo are vice directors.
    Director:Xia Xiaobo
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