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    Part 1: Introduction
    The Department of Rehabilitation at Xiangya Hospital was established in 1956, formerly known as the Department of Physiotherapy. Advancing the science and practice of rehabilitation through basic and clinical research of applying physical factors and medical gymnastics in the treatment of diseases and sports injuries, as well as the earliest hospital applying EMG to the clinical diagnosis and treatment, it is thus ranked as the one of top rehabilitation departments in China. In 1984 it was renamed as the Department of Rehabilitation, while evoked potentials was first used in clinical diagnosis in China. In 1989, associate professor Zhou Li completed 1-year first rehabilitation physician training program of World Health Organization, and brought back the modern concept and techniques of rehabilitation. Modern Rehabilitation era was then started via physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy as well as prosthetics and orthotics, and so on. At the time, Modern Rehabilitation mainly included two parts: Neurological Rehabilitation (rehabilitation of brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury), Bone and Joint Rehabilitation. In 2000, under the initiative of cardiovascular expert Professor Sun Ming, Professor Liu Suixin, the academic leader, established the cardiovascular rehabilitation center. After 13 years of unremitting efforts, our cardiac rehabilitation program keeps a leading position in the country.
    Director:Liu Suixin
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