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    Respiratory Department of Xiangya Hospital was approved to award master’s degree in 1983 and doctoral degree in 1993, and it was approved to be a postdoctoral research station of respiratory medicine in 2004. Respiratory Department of Xiangya Hospital has also been an important training bases in Hunan province, including the physicians and respiratory specialist training base, the respiratory endoscopy (bronchoscopy, Medical Thoracoscopy) training base, the national residency training base, western talent training base of the Ministry of Health, the national respiratory drug clinical research base. Respiratory Department of Xiangya Hospital owns the key laboratory of high education institutions in Hunan Province - the basic and clinical research laboratory of major respiratory disease, a research center of bronchial asthma in Hunan Province. Respiratory Department of Xiangya Hospital has become the key discipline of Hunan province (internal medicine), and the leading subject of respiratory academic of Hunan province, medical and academic level of the top ranking.
    Director:Pan Pinhua
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